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Eli’s Flower Shop, an Appetizing Garden

The Florists at Eli’s Flower Shop led by Manager Nicole spin textures of color and complexity with their floral juxtapositions. I am so surprised by the unusal compostions in their arrangements….Analogous color in Visual Feasts abound! Appetizers for your tasting….Here is some of their magic…

Flowers before food are beautiful appetizers….The entrance to the Flower Shop

A Flower Shop with a touch of a country store…..

Open Every Day!

Herb Garden Pots sit outside….

The shop is small on square footage but huge on Beauty….

I fell in love wit this small spray of curcuna, baby allium, hypernicum and lilac….and watercolor flowed!

Turn it around and lo and behold… a Hyacinth!!! Every view lovely….

Flower Bouquet with the Curcuna dominating…..

Turn… Turn…. Turn…..

The Hyacinth returns!

The Dance of Color in the Violets & Magentas rivals “Dancing with the Stars!!”

Unconsciously, I painted a heart of a composition…..!

Here’s a Green Herbal Interlude, a pause between the feasts of color…..
Everyone needs to plant a garden in the city! Literally, Eli’s has a pot for you….

A CHANGE OF PACE to a Palette of Contrast: Coral Roses and a Watercolory-Blue and Green Hydrangea and Hypernicum, baby allium  ….

Turning it to see all the advantages… Delicate midtones….

Just a small change gives a beautiful new composition…..

Lush blues and oranges…. Art school tells us it’s simultaneous contrast….

I love the surprise when the back is as beautiful as the front…and at Eli’s we will be sure of that!    GardenSpirits Flourish at Eli’s.   Come and See…..!

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