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Fond Goodbye to Winter

Peter Wirth's Garden

Peter Wirtz's Slumbering Garden

We are coming to the edge of winter and the cusp of spring!….Eagerly wishing that this rough winter will soon depart!!!!!…….So I thought it very fitting to start a blog to celebrate the Turning of the Seasons and the turning of my pen (aka keyboard!) to all things Art…..Design ….. and  Garden…..Spirits!!! …… GardenSpirits, many of you know, has, since 1996, been my stationery and design collection [Teaquotes and GardenSpirits, at the start]  featuring my art, design and photography. It aspires to its name: to capture nature’s ephemeral moments using an artful blend of materials and tools in my artist’s bag of tricks!  GardenSpritsNY will chronicle much of the synergy that weaves between art, design, all things garden and much of the earth’s greens….With St. Patrick’s Day so near, …..that eternal day that harkens and heralds all fine spirits and things that are green … there is so much to be tickled green with….. This may be a genealogical inheritance since my lovely mom Flora (nee Flora Bloom… very own Goddess of Flowers and and a super wordsmith) was born on St. Patrick’s Day!!! Essentially giving me the “Spirit of Green” biologically to be sure…..!  Happy to celebrate all the coming greenery and the smiles that tomorrow’s Leprauchans will inspire…………

But first let us give Winter a Fond GoodBye…. because no matter how rough, it gave us (me at least) slumber and the indoor time to hibernate, incubate, refresh, store, think, mull, plan, work and give time to internal needs…….to crystallize my dreams, goals and priorities……Personal mediation needs more than a “Winter Tune-up” and I definitely didn’t have enough time in these few months to complete my winter to-do list!!! It’s now the spring list!

But in my travels one day just after New Year’s Day, I found a “tome” at Potterton Books in the D&D Building in New York, called  “The Wirtz Private Garden by Marco Valdivia,” a chronicle in photography of a private garden as a collaboration between the photographer Marco Valdivia and the landscape architect Peter Wirtz, a world-renown garden designer based in Belgium.  The garden photographs are spectacular as they capture a slumbering winter garden that awakens and cycles though the year of seasons.  Wirtz’s eye magically sculpts side by side both the floating Zen and Formal Geometric topiary structures. In winter, the ghostly other-worldiness of the topiary shapes dappled with a light snowfall evoke the clouds…. Seeing the winter settings  transformed by spring and summer is a revelation…. Photos alternate from startling Black and White to Color and just invite sheer meditation. Wirtz’s Garden as interpreted by Valdivia’s beautiful tableaux of winter wonderlands gives me reassurance that winter is worth it!  Magical, White and Wonderful! There are more Wonderlands than just Alice’s!!!  What a Book!  Yet look forward to all that is coming…..banish white and bring on green…. green ….. green!

Wirth's Winter Wonderland

Floating Cloud Topiary

Structured Geometric Forms meet Zen organic clouds

Light Snowfall on Geometric Forms....

Light Snow on Geometric Forms.... White is leaving.... Green is coming!


  1. What a lovely blog – beautiful, thoughtful
    and inspirational.
    Mazel tov on the birth of your latest creation!

  2. Thanks, Lois, for a lovely meditation and beautiful words to accompany these stunning photographs. Reading your blog is like going on a mini vacation! You’ll soon have lots of happy readers!!

  3. Good Luck on you new endeavor, and Here’s to Spring !!!, it can’t get here quick enough.

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