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Seduced! By Monet’s Gardens and Giverny, a “Stage-Set” Village for Painting Floral Scenes Everywhere!

Giverny Watercolor by Lois Bender

Join me at Giverny!

Giverny Watercolor by Lois Bender

“THE” Bridge of Giverny….. I painted this iconic image after hours with an evening “Artist’s Pass” at Giverny with only 20 artists working in the gardens….. How luxurious to have a clear “non-peopled” view of this bridge….

Monet's Giverny Bridge

With plantings of bamboo (great texture!) next to the bridge, extending the Japanese influence that Monet loved.

Monet's Giverny Bridge

I am painting here about 7 pm on a lovely June evening!

Monet's Giverny Boats

and here are the boats that show up in Monet’s paintings!

Giverny Watercolor by Lois Bender

My sketch trying for the panorama and the great evening light on the scene!

Giverny Watercolor by Lois Bender

Back in the studio, I enlarged the scene as a diptych using 2 Arches  30″ w x 22″ h sheets for a panorama. But where do I begin to tell you how I got to paint in the evening here? ….Well…..

Carol Gillot's "Paris Breakfasts" Bog

HERE!…….. This is yesterday’s blogpost,, by Carol Gillot (who I met this trip!) who blogs (8 years) and paints “watercolor dreams” about “la vie en Paris,”  her view of Parisian & French life, art, style and lifestyle with tips, observations, humor, etc. in such a captivating and well-loved blog that virtually all Francophiles and Paris Lovers eventually learn about it by word of mouth, etc. As a fellow watercolorist, Paris Lover, and New Yorker, I’ve followed her for years…. She started blogging, inspired by her love of Paris, her “artist’s eye” and her watercolors of Paris café fare….

Carol Gillot French Pastry Photo

and “FOOD,” especially gorgeous French pastries, photographed or painted. She finally moved to Paris in 2013….

Carol's Gillot;s Josephine

She posts on Culture, Retail Stores, Outdoor Markets and Art Shows, such as this blogpost on the current art show at the Palais du Luxembourg on Empress Josephine, Napoleon’s wife, the taste maker of her day… And today’s media such as The Huffington Post and The New York Times have written about and lauded Carol’s postings. Subscribing to her Paris Breakfasts blog is like getting a daily taste and vision of Paris in your mailbox…. (She now offers subscriptions to a monthly “Letter from Paris!”)  Soooo…..

Carp;ine Homes Nuckolls teaching at the ARt Colony Giverny

 Carol G posted in 2013 about her visit ito Caroline Homes Nuckolls’ yearly “Art Colony Giverny” Painting Workshops, one  of which Caroline had invited her to for a week. Carol had blogged enthusiastically about it, and so Carol asked me to meet Caroline this year….for an evening of painting with her in Monet’s Gardens. Thank you Caroline! Her Workshops have been running successfully for 13 years.

Art Colony Giverny

The workshops look exciting…. Imagine setting up your easel on Monet’s Bridge!

Art Colony Giverny.Caroline’s website explains the special quality of her workshops in Giverny….She offers a complete Painting and French country experience, painting at different locations in Giverny in addition to Monet’s Gardens…..Painting with Caroline was a memorable evening…. Workshops in Giverny are perfect for a garden and art lover….

Geraniums at Monet's House

My view at 6 pm of Monet’s Geranium Beds!

Giverny Watercolor by Lois Bender

Quick sketch!


Painters around Monet’s Waterlily Pond!

Giverny Watercolor by Lois Bender

I’m painting the pond too! but with imagined wisteria blooms!  Again!

Goodbye View of Monet;'s Garden

The end of the evening and a lovely last view of Monet’s Flower Bed Gardens…. and Giverny, the village ?

Giverny Map

The town brochure has a fun clear map of which this is a part!






scenes and images


everywhere you turn


to paint

Giverny Nympheas Restaurant

and shop and eat…. Here’s Nymphéas, a Restaurant and Boutique just opposite Monet’s Home.

Mme Baudy's Restaurant

And here’s the famous site of the hotel owned then by a Mme. Baudy, (now a popular restaurant), where Monet’s artist friends stayed on their visit to Giverny, many of them Americans.

Mme Baudy's Restaurant

and the charmingly shaded outdoor cafe/restaurant! Reservations, Please! And there’s a beautiful garden as well….


And the Impressionist Museum is a delight! Founded by Americans and managed by the Louvre…


This exhibition pays tribute to all the American Artists who supported and appreciated Monet so early on….

Musee Impressionism Garden

This garden design is part of the fabulous Musée Impressionism’s Garden of which these 2 plants humorously portray a “haystack!” cut in half horizontally.

Capucine Cafe

Earlier in the day, before meeting Caroline, I relaxed and took “un café” at “La Capucine,” a popular cafe next to the Tourism office, Tea Salon, Gift Shop and Botanical Flower Shop where I watched “Giverny Life” go by.

Capucine Cafe

What a charming cafe?

Capucine Cafe

and outdoor seating!

Capucine Cafe

looking out towards the plants for sale!

Capucine Cafe

and thinking that would make a great painting!

Giverny Watercolor by Lois BenderEverywhere is a painting waiting to be painted…. The Gardens, The B&Bs, the Streets!   The Seduction is complete….. When am I going back ???   A Bientot!  Soon!  Soon!

Giverny Brochure

Thank you Monet!!!!, Carol Gillot !!!!,

Caroline Homes Nuckolls ! and Giverny!!!!

Wouldn’t you like to paint in Giverny next year !?!?!?

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