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November’s Notebook of Flowers and Farewell to Fall!

Notebook-Flowers-Cahiers-Nov2014November’s here Today and Gone Tomorrow! And Gone all the Beauty of Fall whizzing by… My November “Notebook of Flowers” shows a Falling Leaf and bouquets of Ilex berries, Autumn Roses, Hydrangeas, Red Anemones and Tulips in Autumnal Rustic Reds, Browns and Oranges….


a Fall Bouquet in the studio….


a quick but large sketch of 22″ X 30″… showing a light touch…. inspired by all my Fall Travels!


Fall’s cornucopias of gourds and pumpkins, and squashes and corn…..


Bushels of Thanksgiving Bounty….


Abound in landscaping everywhere as a last hurrah before winter!!!


And especially the Chrysanthemums brought my eyes a feast of colors…


Chrysanthemums caught my fancy this fall…. they were everywhere in beautiful big mounds!!


and mounds!….




and  mounds!



and mounds!!!



and mounds! … Inspiration for my Notebook of Flowers pages!…..


Grapes, pumpkins, chrysanthemums!


Oranges and Purrples


Purples and Oranges….


Pots and pots and…..


Pots of Chrysanthemums in the Plaza by the 5th Avenue Apple Store….


An explosion of Mums wherever you go!


overflowing in pots or …..


in front of the Hampton LIbrary, Bridgehampton


and in flower beds decorating NYC apartment buildings’ properties.


They say that Chrysanthemums are the last flower of Autumn… They are right!


My October Notebook of Flowers! Looking for Chrysanthemums everywhere, I found them also at


The Rockefeller Estate, Kykuit, in Sleepy Hollow, a place I finally visited, featuring extraordinary views and


a modern art collection including decorative glass sculpture by Tiffany,  gorgeous “Mum” landscaping,


A Rockefeller Garden in late Autumn, a Fall Finale to gardens everywhere until Spring!


but not a goodbye to Fall Chrysanthemums!as they are my featured flower in


 my October Notebook of Flowers/ Cahiers de Fleurs……I decided to paint flower and nature studies and share them with you in a notebook journal style for purchase on Etsy…..Each month I will paint a few pages of art in journal style and create reproduction prints on watercolor paper (8.5″ x 11″) and send them to you…. Available by Single Months or as  a 12-month Subscription. Choose a vertical single image or a double page spread format. Available now on Etsy. Original Art Watercolors will be available for sale soon on Etsy too.


November features Autumn Bouquets! “Notebooks of Flowers” Watercolor Prints can make great gifts….thinking ahead to December!   Savor the beauty of monthly watercolors of gardens, flowers and nature in “Notebooks of Flowers”  from GardenSpiritsNY!  Farewell to Fall and  Greetings to “Notebooks of Flowers”!

Terrain’s Autumn Bounty Festival and Watercolor Workshop in Westport, Oct. 5… Let’s Take a Preview Tour!


A Vertical Garden Welcomes you at this Garden Emporium and Nursery.


It’s a Garden House of extraordinary home and garden decor products that seduces you as soon as you walk through the door.


Come to the Autumn Bounty Festival on Oct. 5 next Saturday!



See the Fall Decor products…


In my Fall Watercolor Workshop at 10:30 Am – 1:30 pm at Terrain,  Paint Fall Flowers, Leaves, Gourds….


I recently visited Terrain and love their amazing and wide array of fabulous classes for their Home Decor,  Garden and Food Lover customers!


Mini Container Pot Designs of Fall Foliage!


Their Barn-like Interior “Glass Wall” Presentation is Extraordinary, placing art, furniture and garden plants side by side!


I want one!


“Garden Rooms” of Exquisite Ideas and Products!


Areas to learn the craft of Terrariums, or learning the ABCs of Horticulture and Gardening….


If Terrain has selected a product, it is always beautiful!


A Cafe… indoor and outdoor….. provides healthy fabulous gourmet menus!


Come to the Nursery!


 Pumpkins, Gourds, Fall Rainbow Colors!


Orange everywhere you turn!


Pumpkin Patches!




Purple Cabbages and Mums!


 Wood Stacks ready for your Fireplace!


Rows and Rows of Potted Plants ready for your garden!


Peppers and Mums…..!


A Tower of Pumpkins and Squashes Welcome You!

Terrain Shop

Come and Paint “FALL” at Terrain this coming Sat. Oct. 5…. Registration is at Terrain’s Website!

GardenSpiritsNY Loves Terrain!  Come and experience Terrain!

Fall’s here! Summer’s over too soon! Good-Byes to Summer Watercolors, Hamptons Gardens & Afternoon Teas at Bridge Gardens in Bridgehampton and Guild Hall and The Hedges Inn in East Hampton, etc.

Emily Thompson Rustic Floral...Watercolor Sketch by Lois Bender

Before we Greet September and Fall….. It’s here already!!!! We must say our good-byes to summer!!!  Greeting Fall is a Sketch of a Beautiful Rustic Bouquet by Emily Thompson and her Floral Boutique in Brooklyn of Caster Pods, Magnolia Leaves (Love the rust undersides) , Raspberries and Roses in an Early Fall Color Palette…. BUT, GOOD-BYES to a Great Summer of Painting……

Bridge Gardens' Formal Gardens

At the beautiful Bridge Gardens at 36 Mitchell Lane in Bridgehampton, educational horticultural gardens owned and managed by the Peconic Land Trust, who conserve and preserve land on the Eastern Long Island Region.  Groundskeeper Rick Bogusch is a master of gardening as we watched the gardens blossom from their slumbers in March to their glorious peaks in August and September,….. My watercolor classes blossomed too as we painted under the Pergola or in the Garden House….

Bridge Gardens

August Sunlight at the end of the day baths the garden is luminous lighting…..

Hydrangea Flower Beds

Hydrangea Floral Beds luxuriate in the Shade

Table Centerpiece of Garden Blooms

Under the Pergola, a Table Centerpiece of Garden Blooms cut from the garden….

Table Centerpiece of Garden Blooms

We painted Floral Arrangements thoughout the Spring and Summer…..

Blooms from Bridge Gardens' flower beds

Each week provided new flower centerpieces at our Friday Workshop classes…. also ready for Friday Music Nights at Bridge Gardens!

Another Angle: Blooms from Bridge Gardens' flower beds

Another Angle: Blooms from Bridge Gardens’ flower beds in a wonderful glass jar!

The Wisteria Pergola framed by the Alliums

The Wisteria Pergola framed by Red-Violet Allium beds in the beautiful Bridge Gardens!

and Then, Welcome to The Hedges Inn’s Patio and surrounding Gardens, sponsored by Guild Hall,

Watercolor Workshop GH info.

for a wonderful series of Watercolor Painting Workshops and Afternoon Tea!!!!!  I had asked Laura Perrotti, head of the “Garden as Art” Garden Tour Annual Event  by Guild Hall of East Hampton and Michelle Klein, Asso. Curator, if they would like an event of Painting in beautiful gardens with an accompanying Afternoon Tea and I was so pleased that Guild Hall and the beautiful Hedges Inn wanted to have the event, culminating in an enormous amount of success with  filled workshops!  Art and Food!….A winning combination!

Painting Lessons and Bouquets

The Bouquets, and Lessons for learning different floral types, for class sizes of up to 16 people per workshop!

Ready for Afternoon Tea on the Hedges Inn's Porch

A Perfect Setting for an Afternoon Tea and Relaxing and Focusing on your Painting…..

The Hedges Inn Tented Porch

The Tented Porch overlooks their beautiful lawn and garden, protecting us from heat, sun and rain….Perfect!

The Tented Patio at Hedges Inn

A Beautiful Porch and setting to Relax, Meditate and Paint!

The Hedges Inn Garden

The Garden of Dahlias, etc.

The Hedges Inn Garden Watercolro by Lois Bender

Watercolor Gardens!

Luscious Dalhias

A Luscious Dahlia Bouquet!

A Captivated painter at Hedges Inn

A Captivated painter at Hedges Inn!

More Bouquets and Painters

More Bouquets and Painters!

A long wonderful day' end

A Wonderful Afternoon must come to an end….

Painting Flowers at the Hedges Inn

with a rewarding collection of wonderful paintings and experiences!

The Hedges Summer Garden 1

The Hedges Summer Garden

and wonderful memories awaiting next summer….. When we hope GardenspiritsNY, Guild Hall and The Hedges Inn will collaborate again…. for more Afternoon Teas, Gardens and Watercolor Workshops!  GardenSpiritsNY Workshops in Beautiful settings will continue into the Winter….and News will come soon!

Emily Thompson Rustic Floral...Watercolor by Lois Bender

BUT, now, Let’s say Hello to September!   I’m not ready yet and I linger over the riches of Summer Memories and Photos for winter painting……Thank Heavens we have September Roses and “Rust” Magnolia Leaves— so Early Fall-ish and Beautifully Autumnal— for transitioning!!!!!!!  I want to stay in August but the train is leaving for September! Stay a little longer, Summer!



Let’s take a Spring Tour of Sag Harbor Florist! Hyacinth Watercolor of their Bouquet Design!

Sag Harbor Florist Floral Bouquet in Watercolor

Spring Hyacinth Bouquet Watercolor… Bouquet from Sag Harbor Florist…. Watercolor will be at the Guild Hall Members Spring Exhibition…Opening April 27, 2013….. to June 3, 2013


Beautiful Hyacinths from Anastasia Casale’s Sag Harbor Florist Boutique in Sag Harbor (SHF), the Hamptons, NY. …..Let’s take a Tour!





A Bird’s Eye  View A Simple Bouquet of Greens and Luscious Purples




White Hyacinths in the Bud! Annie’s Boutique is always well stocked !


Sag Harbor Florist‘s Entrance…. A Victorian White Trimmed Brick Shop in Bay St. facing the Harbor, next to Bagel Buoy and Donna Karan’s Urban Zen


So Much Color surrounding the Porch and the Sun-Speckled Lawn is so inviting!


What to choose????


The Front Door opens upon the Garden Statuary and garden gifts…..


One passes a “Succulents” Table as you walk down the corridor to the Back Workshop where all the designing goes on.


A Photographer’s Dream in all angles….in late day sunlight!!


This greets you from the side door!


Don’t neglect the bottom shelf!


The workshop tables are behind buckets of flowers awaiting selection for the Florist’s Craft practiced below the Skylight Lighting.


Spring Bouquets of Forsythia, Roses, Tulips and Greens…..





Flowers reaching up to the Skylight!


A Fuschia and Magenta Extravaganza!  Anemones, Hydrangeas and Tulips Saturate one’s senses!  Gift Alert! If you are a Mom in the range of Sag Harbor’s Delivery Zone and your offspring is planning to give you a floral gift from SHF, you are one lucky lady….. SHF is getting ready for Mother’s Day!  Floral Greetings from SHF! ….and Garden, Spring and Watercolor Greetings from GardenSpiritsNY! Enjoy your Spring and visit SHF and your own neighborhood Florist soon!

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