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What To See Holiday Week?… Last Days To View Art Galleries’ 2012 Shows, and A Happy New Year!

Robert Kushner at the DC Moore Gallery

Robert Kushner at the DC Moore Gallery in Chelsea gives us Calligraphic Tulips and Peonies in a neutral palettes of paint and collage, rich is gesture and expressive line… Spare, structural dynamic notes of black, white, neutrals, read and metallic golds…


James McMullan at the SVA Gallery

James McMullan at the SVA Gallery whose illustrations span a 50 year career shows up the beauty of art revealing the stories of plays (Lincoln Center posters) and literature where images enlighten the words… This was an amazing mini-retrospective of McMullan’s art journey…


More MacMullan

“Six Degrees of Separation” poster and more by James McMullan


Frederick Brosen, watercolorist

Frederick Brosen, a great watercolorist in a precisionist style, gives us Paris and New York (my 2 favorite places) in his reflective quietly-stated crystalline paintings… You feel the time of time he spent in his studied observations… The richly saturated color in these still moments of meditation entrances me…


Joel Meyerowitz at the Greenberg Gallery on 57th Street

Joel Meyerowitz at the Howard Greenberg Gallery on 57th Street, in a 2 part retrospective, shows us the diversity of his work in his 50-year long career, influenced by Cartier-Bresson and others, and pioneering in full color photography….


Uncommon Ground at the Forum Gallery, Craft in Fine Art curated with a curious eye

Uncommon Ground at the Forum Gallery, Craft in Fine Art curated with a curious eye…


Uncommon Ground at the Forum Gallery

Uncommon Ground at the Forum Gallery is a show of uniquely crafted Fine Art made of unusual materials and art techniques…. The artists surprise us with their visionary ideas.


Steven Wheeler

Steven Wheeler is an American Artist in the Space Indian Art movement in the 1930s, 40s and 50s using symbolism from the American Indian Cultures and which greatly influenced the American Abstract Expressionist artists… Seeing a little Stuart Davis, cubism, delicious pattern, etc.


Well, Schiele is the artist who ushers in the Modern conception of the psychological human condition in his portraits of Fin-du-siecle Vienna in contorted bodies… females in their world of the demi-monde and prostitutes… Schiele is revolutionary. This show at the St. Etienne Gallery, a pioneer in German Expressionist and the Austrian Successionist School, exhibits a show of Schiele’s Women that demonstrates his amazing vision. The vast amount of work he produced in his short life (28 years) is mind-boogling. The show had huge crowds on the last day, Dec. 29, when everyone was rushing to see the last gallery viewing days of shows about the close… Everyone knows the masterpieces that they must see and don’t want to miss!


Back to Robert Kushner

Back to Robert Kushner… Perhaps the lessons of Schiele can be found in Kushner on his flowers… strong lines that journey through space, strong dynamic structural positive and negative space… a strong graphic sensibility


Tulips by Kushner

Tulips by Kushner… Dramatic statements in imagery, whether bodies for Schiele or flowers for Kushner, the “The Expressive Line” continues… in artful tulips!!! WHILE WE AWAIT ONE OF THE FIRST SIGNS OF SPRING… FRESH TULIPS!!!!


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