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new orange roses by Lois Bender
green leaf photo center gallery

“Garden Spirits, Garden Dreams,” A New Art Exhibition of Watercolors by Lois Bender will open at The Atlantic Gallery, Chelsea, March 11 – April 5. Opening Reception March 13, Thursday from  5-9 pm.

Spring 2014 “Bridge Gardens” Art Classes at Bridgehampton with Lois Bender begin March 8.

GardenSpirits NY… Sharing A Vision of Nature Through Art and Workshops

GardenSpirits NY presents Lois’ Art Gallery Portfolios showing her diverse Collections of “Floral Bouquets” Watercolors, Travel Sketchbook Studies, Waterlilies Large Watercolor Series, Resonates Interior Wall Decor, Printmaking and Mixed Media, all various celebrations of art and nature. With nature and gardens as inspiration, she creates a fusion of color, silhouette, light, shadow, transparency and pattern into a visual synthesis of dynamic design, luminosity, image and mystery. “GardenSpirits,” her design brand and signature style of art and stationery debuting in 1996, is her vision of nature in all its visual beauty, layers, textures and energies. Her mediums range from watercolor, printmaking, photography to mixed media, etc., all merging her vibrant luminous color sense and design sensibility into mysterious alchemies of captivating expression. Whether in paintings, prints, stationery, interior wall decor, etc., she shares her unique creativity and vision of nature through her art and in her GardenSpirits NY Blog, blogging the lifestyle wanderings of a NY garden and art lover, finding the “garden fantastic” where serendipity will lead her!


Her GardenSpirits NY Art Journey Workshops, where students unlock their own unique visions of nature, are another way Lois shares the joy of seeing and capturing “GardenSpirits!” Learn how to appreciate nature through your eyes as an artist in a menu of Workshop offerings!